BMW X6 Stolen In 60 Seconds!You Won’t Believe,How Fast This Guys Are! [VIDEO]

Well, if somebody is good at robbery,to stole something or just to break the law,than the Ex Yugoslovenian guys are known for that kind of stuff.

So the BMW 6 was parked in the Parking Lot in front of the Building where the owner lives! The location of the car is in the main city of Bosnia and Herzegovina,Sarajevo! Sarajevo was a wonderful city before the war in 1992,but after the separation from Yugoslavia,things went bad for this city, because all the good and hard working people left this place long time ago,and the ones who stay are just country people who can’t left their homes,and also the criminals,who are ruin the beauty of this city!

But let’s get back on the main plan.Okay this guys are professional,and they do their work amazing,i must admit that.You all will be able to see the 60 seconds Robbery of expensive BMW 6! The video is mute, because is filmed with security camera in front the Building, so be patient and watch the masterpiece!



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