How To Doing a Burnout (VIDEO)

A burnout is basic gearhead knowledge. It’s used to try and impress friends, family, or that special someone that you want to date.

But doing a good burnout is tougher than you might think, as it requires balance and control to be mixed in with some angry hooliganism.

Burnouts are usually not dangerous, but their not exactly safe either. Theres a number of safety concerns with burnouts. If you’re going to do doughnuts or rolling burnouts, make sure your buckled in and the doors are shut. It’s not particularly cool to fall out of the car as it spins wildly.


Stuff shoots out the back of the car. Rocks, debris, and parts of the tire are all going to be flying around.

The wheels will be moving at high speed even if the car is sitting still. It’s wise to make sure nothing is in front of the car in case it starts to grip or lurch forward.

Also, in the case of extreme mechanical failures, parts of the driveline may attempt to leave the vehicle at high speed.

With all the potential for flying particles, keep a good distance from any car doing a burnout.
Take a second and refresh your knowledge below:



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