Watch out this beaty!!!She never gets old enough!!!

In this Article you gonna find out some details about this old classic beauty. The beauty we are talking about is The 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

, also known as The Corvette Sting Ray! I took for example this year,because it describes an era of changes in this vehicle series! This sport car was produced by the Chevrolet from 1963 to 1967. Nothing has changed a lot from the 1965 series, the engine in 1966 was close enough like the previous one. 1966 model was with 427in3 or 7.0 L engine with 430HP ,and the V8 packed a lot more torque 460 pounds/feet than the previous one.Corvettes also received an emblem in the corner of the hood for 1966.Head rests were a new option, one of the rarest options was the Red/Red Automatic option with power windows and air conditioning.1966 would prove another record-busting year, with volume rising to 27,720 units, up some 4200 over 1965’s sales.

I took a Model review of this year,to show how this car goes of the limit of expectation,that the production of new era cars is massive and obsessive,but some things made of passion,can never be forgotten. Watch,touch and live a life with this classic while it still can roll on this roads.



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